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Responsible Riding on Uncharted Society experiences

Who said exploring territories safely couldn’t be fun? You can go further and enjoy the best Uncharted Society adventures when you ride safe and sound. As part of the Responsible Rider Program, all Uncharted Society outfitters are instructed to observe best practices on every level of their operation to ensure you can securely enjoy your experience.

The Responsible Rider Program is all about being present when you ride and always considering safety, riding etiquette and protecting the environment. Whether you are out on the land, the road, the water or the snow with the Uncharted Society outfitters, make sure to respect the following:


To know your limits and securely ride with others on your thrilling adventures. You must always follow and respect the guide’s instructions and obey the laws and regulation of area you are Keep a safety‑first mindset at all times. As a rule of thumb, you should be sure you are doing your best riding.

In practical terms, safety also means having the proper riding certification, wearing protective gear, following the itinerary, and more. The outfitters will be there to make sure all these requirements are met.


As Uncharted Society is constantly helping you explore new playgrounds, protecting the environment plays a key factor in the experiences. A responsible rider must stay on the designated trails, respect the wildlife and fauna, and never pollute or leave trash behind. The more we are mindful, the longer we can enjoy the playgrounds and keep riding.


Riding etiquette is crucial in the rider community and a vital part of the Responsible Rider Program. On Uncharted Society activities, this means no alcohol intake, understanding all trail signs, communicating with other riders through proper language and signals, assisting them as needed, and more.

Ready for an experience? Great! The outfitters’ guides will explain all you need to know and remind you about safety, riding etiquette and protecting the environment before your adventure starts. That way, you can securely explore uncharted territories and have the best time on a BRP ride.

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