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Getting ready to off-road

How to prepare for a Can-Am Off-Road adventure

If you have an off-road excursion on the horizon, showing up prepared is the best way to max out your enjoyment. Before you do anything else, we suggest asking your outfitter for some tips and recommendations – they’re the pros, and they know their activity better than anyone!

In addition to that, we’ve picked up a few pearls of wisdom from our own adventures. So today, we’re sharing what we’ve learned.

Must-pack items

It goes without saying that sunscreen is necessary for sunny days, but don’t be fooled by overcast weather. Clouds only block out some UV rays, so you’ll need to protect your skin no matter what.

Before you head out for the day, pack a few snacks to tide yourself over. You’re not likely to swing by a convenience store or snack bar while off-roading!

Especially during rides where you’ll be exposed to mud or rain, you’ll thank yourself for packing a change of clothes. There’s no better feeling than being clean and dry after a long day.

The off-roading uniform

Not sure what to wear? Here’s a no-fail checklist that will keep you calm, cool, and protected. As a general rule, layering with a base, mid, and outer shell will keep you warm, dry, and happy – even when adventuring for days at a time.

  • Long-sleeve shirt and pants to protect yourself from kicked-up rocks 
  •  DOT certified helmet (may be provided by the outfitter) 
  • Goggles to protect your eyes from dust and debris 
  • Closed-toe shoes to keep your feet dry OR ankle boots for extra support 
  • Waterproof gear for added flexibility*

*Bring extra waterproof layers in case the weather turns, plus a change of socks, pants, and shirt. Want to go ATV mudding? Hop into some waders.

Preparing to hit the trail

Every adventure has its ups and downs, its triumphs and challenges. Here’s what you can expect to experience next time you venture on an off-road expedition.

  • Expect to be outside for a long time in all sorts of conditions. If your trip is planned for a sunny day, make sure to drink lots of water the day before and keep hydrating throughout the journey. If there’s rain in the forecast, bring the appropriate gear so you don’t get soaked to the bone.
  • Expect to encounter mud, and potentially lots of it. Don’t shy away from getting dirty when you’re off-road – wear clothes that can easily go in the wash, and more than anything, embrace the chaos!
  • Expect nature to take your breath away. The most beautiful thing about powersports is that they take place in the great outdoors, surrounded by lush landscapes. As a bonus, you’re very likely to spot some cool wildlife.
  • Expect to come up against some challenging terrain. Trails are “perfectly imperfect,” and come with their fair share of bumps, turns, obstacles, and more. Don’t get discouraged if you’re navigating a rough patch – smoother sailing is right around the corner.

At the end of the day, the most important thing you can bring along can’t be found on a packing list and will get you through the most challenging of rides: a positive attitude!
If you step into your next adventure with confidence and an open mind, you simply can’t lose.

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