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Introducing the Uncharted Society Camping Collection

We at Uncharted Society love camping. And, as the traditionalists will tell you, camping is more than just roughing it in nature—it's a way of life. This inspired our mission to bring that adventure to anyone who wants it. If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime camping adventure in the land down under, sleeping under the stars of the American Southwest, or many more unique outdoor adventures, look no further than our Uncharted Society Camping Collection! From bushes to backcountry living, there's something for every adventurer!

Camping Adventure in the Land Down Under

Imagine gliding across an endless series of tracks and trails in a distraction-free and pristine environment on your Can-Am Maverick X3 Max buggy, exploring the beautiful Australian bush. Located just hours from the sprawling cityscape of Sydney, this expertly guided 2-day trip takes you into the NSW bush and is a must for any nature lover looking to see the beautiful vistas of New South Wales. There's nothing like enjoying fresh local food, waterfalls, and river swims while ripping around on a Can-Am Off-Road vehicle!

Cast and Camp on Lake Powell, Utah

Looking for a more adventurous way to enjoy the outdoors? This fishing and camping trip on Lake Powell is perfect for you. This two-day, one-night excursion will take you through the stunning landscape of Lake Powell, Utah. You can expect to catch Striped Bass, Walleye, Crappie and Largemouth Bass on this once-in-a-lifetime guided fishing tour that includes a drive along the Sea-Doo FishPro. And if you are a beginner (or even a seasoned angler), this adventure contains tips from Up Lake Adventure experts that will help ensure you have everything you need to land those big fish!

Sleep under the Stars at 1 of 7 Natural Wonders of the World

If sleeping under the sprawling sky is something that suits you, look no further than this bucket list adventure courtesy of Wilderness Collective. You'll begin your journey with a ride in a luxury SUV that will transport you to the trailhead in St. George, Utah. Once there, you'll embark on a four-day guided adventure through incredible terrain from technical to full-throttle driving. You'll continue through the Arizona desert on endless straightaways, rock gardens, ancient Joshua tree groves, high-altitude pine forests, and some of North America's most beautiful mountain roads. After crossing paths with locals along this epic journey, camp under the stars at one of 1/7 Natural Wonders of the World: The Grand Canyon!

Like Father, Like Son

Are you looking to spend some time, just father and son? We might have an idea. This family-friendly adventure offered by Wilderness Collective is a four‑day off‑road excursion to the Grand Canyon. This father and son guided adventure winds through stunning landscapes, including views of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. The trip also includes meals prepared by an onsite chef—including a kids' menu—and plenty of time for exploration and relaxation. At night, your group will stay at beautiful campgrounds that allow you to enjoy all this region has to offer during the day and are far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city so you can truly relax in nature with you and yours.

Camp and Fish in the Yellowhammer State

We're taking you to the Yellowhammer State for our next adventure. This isn't just any old fishing trip; it's a multi-day guided Sea-Doo experience on Lake Eufaula. Have your shot catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Kentucky bass, crappie and catfish aboard a new Sea-Doo FishPro! Your expert guide will take you out onto the lake, where they will set up your Sea-Doo with everything needed for a successful day of fishing. But, if you don't want to spend all day on the water (or if you're new at this whole camping thing), we recommend staying in one of Rad Adventures' cabins nearby—but either way is sure to be an experience worth remembering!

Red Rock R&R

If you're looking for an off-road weekend getaway, look no further than this Can-Am Off-Road adventure which is red rock R&R to the core. This four-day UTV adventure will have you covering more than 500 miles of trails throughout the awe-inspiring Zion National Park, Dixie and Fishlake National Forest, and Bryce National Park.The trip includes expert instructors who will teach you everything from basic handling to advanced trail riding techniques. You have never seen Utah quite like this!

Backcountry Living

There's truly nothing like backcountry living! We think our friends over at Sun Valley Guides would tend to agree, which is why they have cooked up a once‑in‑a‑lifetime adventure with that in mind. This multi‑day hut-to-hut adventure is suitable for all skill levels, so no matter who you are or what adventure level you're at, this is one trip worth checking out—looking for an adrenaline rush? Or maybe you want to take in the natural beauty of the mountains relaxing in a luxurious yurt campsite? Whatever your motives, the pro guides at Sun Valley are some of the most qualified ski‑doo guides in the region and will make sure you squeeze every ounce of adventure out of this majestic Ski‑Doo haven.

And there you have it: the Uncharted Society Camping Collection. Whether you're looking to try your hand at camping for the first or want to elevate your outdoor adventures to the upper echelon, we hope our collection gives you some ideas about where to start. So if you like experiencing some of the most jaw-dropping outdoor adventures but don't want to sacrifice top-quality amenities, guides, or accommodations, try one out and make sure to use
#AdventureUnlocked so we can follow along!

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