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Wildlife Adventures with Uncharted Society

Call of the Wild

Get ready to explore some of the most beautiful and natural landscapes on earth, all while seeing some of nature's most majestic creatures. With Uncharted Society, you can embark on four exciting wildlife adventures that will take you across the United States and Europe. Let's get into it!

On Top of the World

This adventure takes you to the wild beauty of Svalbard, Norway. Located in the Arctic Ocean, this region is known for its stunning natural beauty, including glaciers and snow-covered mountains. On this trip, you'll be able to experience a Lynx Snowmobile tour through the area and enjoy a front-row seat to view the Northern Lights. You may even spot Polar Bears in their natural habitat if you're lucky enough.

Finned Friends of Florida

Next is a trip to Fort Pierce in sunny Florida courtesy of Salty's Water Sports. On this rental adventure, you can hop on a Sea-Doo and experience some aquatic thrills as you ride along the St. Lucie River or Indian River Lagoon, looking for dolphins or manatees playing in your wake. This adventure will allow you to see fantastic wildlife from one of Florida's most beautiful areas.

In the (Sea) Lion's Den

Head to the sunny West Coast for an unforgettable experience from Balboa Water Sports in Newport Beach, California! On this rental adventure, you can hit the pristine blue waters of the Pacific Ocean on your own Sea-Doo and take off along some of the gorgeous coastlines anywhere in America. Throughout this experience, please keep your eyes peeled; you may even spot a stunning sea lion sunning itself on one of Newport Beach's many sandy shores!

Don't Forget to Look Up

Our final destination takes us to Isle Of Palms, South Carolina, where we join forces with TidalWave Watersports for a fantastic adventure on a Sea-Doo through one of America's favourite coastal destinations! Along your journey, keep an eye out for pelicans soaring by or bald eagles perched atop tree branches as nature displays its full glory around every turn!

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