How to choose your next snowmobiling adventure?

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Planning your next snowmobile adventure?

Unlocking unique adventures you won't find anywhere else is our motto. We have something for everyone whether you are looking to go at a slower pace to see breathtaking views or if you are just looking to shred some snow at a faster pace. But we get, it can be overwhelming to choose an adventure especially if it is your first time. Let us make it a bit simpler.


Here are 3 key elements to consider when trying to choose a snowmobiling experience that best fits your preferences:


Backyard adventure VS weekend getaway

First thing you need to ask yourself is : Are you ready to jump in the car, blast your favorite Lady Gaga song and make this a weekend getaway? OR Are you looking for a quick Saturday activity with your friend close to home? We know that not everyone is looking for the same experience and thrill But with 90+ advenutres to our offering, we certainly have something for you to enjoy. We have a few outfitters that offer more than just the experience itself, they also offer lodging (see below the list).

There is nothing better than sipping on a nice hot coco by the fire in your private cabin after a full day of snowmobiling in some fresh powder. If you are looking to make this a weekend trip, we recommend you choose from the list below. These are all turnkey solutions for a weekend getaway. On the other hand, if you are looking for an experience close to home, we recommend you choose based on  our interactive map . This will allow you to find adventures that fit your weekend plans.


Outfitters that offer lodging :

Unlocking an adventure that fits your level of comfort and skill

The majority of the adventures featured on Uncharted Society, with a few exceptions, cater to all levels of riders whether you are a proficient rider or you have never even seen a snowmobile before. Our certified BRP outfitters welcome newcomers and will take the time to walk you through the basics and get you comfortably up to speed. We recently had a journalist, Mary Murphy, from Gear Junky media outlet do a snowmobile experience at an Uncharted Society outfitter where she perfectly encapsulated the experience of a first-timer "Your first-time snowmobiling will likely feel odd compared to other sports. But once you know how to sit, how to balance and shift your weight, and how to operate the machine, it’s pretty easy. ‘’ You can read the rest of her experience  here . We recommend you as the outfitter the level difficulty of the experience before you are booking.That being said, if your riding partner still does not feel as comfortable as you driving one of these cool-looking machines, they can comfortably sit right behind you and enjoy the scenery while you live your fantasy of going full throttle on some fresh powder. Many of our outfitters offer the option to ride in tandem.


Options of riding in tandem :

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‘To Guide or not to Guide’

The last key element to take into consideration is, as Murphy from GearJunkie puts it; ‘To Guide or not to guide’. Same as riding in tandem, many of the outfitters presented on our website offer guided experiences. Guides bring a source of knowledge about the area, the nature, they bring you to hidden gems, and most importantly, will give you tips and tricks to become a better rider regardless of your level of experience. This really does change the whole experience.


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Plan you next snowmobile adventure!