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Reasons Why You Must Make Memories in Moab, Utah

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Looking for some more information about what to do, where to go, and experiences to live in Moab?


Check out this article that our partner RV Trader Rentals has created to get you on your way to discovering this beautiful region.

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RV Destination: Moab, Utah

38.5733° N - 109.5498° W

Wide-open spaces rest under the bluest of endless skies. The desert scene shares its space with colossal red rock formations that tower overhead casting shadows on the valleys below. The sky blends effortlessly into the red rocks below in Moab, Utah. 

Explore Moab in an awesome RV rental to discover Dead Horse Point, spend a day in Arches National Park wandering through the desert, experience The Devil’s Garden and witness over 2000 arches throughout the park. Adventure in the desert by day… Relax, recover and rest in your RV rental by night. Live your best RV Life.

Upon nightfall, the stars sparkle a little brighter because of the limited light pollution, making  Moab an astronomer’s dream destination. To be honest, Moab is a popular locale for all sunrise greeters, sunset seekers, wanderlust travelers, family vacationers, and amateur archaeologists. Moab, Utah is revered as a Holy Grail for avid adventurists, hikers, bikers, rafters, rock climbers, photographers, RVers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Visit Moab to discover the desert and satisfy your inner wanderlust spirit. 

Things to Do in the Desert

Arches National Park sets the scene for dynamic desert landscapes in all shades of red. Spectacular sandstone shapes soar into vast rocky arches above creating a truly unique, fiery red rock desert panorama. Discover over 2,000 natural sandstone arches and pinnacle peaks as you adventure in Arches National Park.

You and your family can adventure across the desert on Can-Am Maverick X3 vehicles at elevated speeds. Our certified outfitter High Point Hummer is located in the heart of Moab and offers activities for all experience levels that will make memories from Moab unforgettable. Beginning on the Monitor and Merrimac Trail and ending in Arches National Park, explore historic sites, discover dinosaur fossils, traverse natural mountain tunnels and witness the wonders of Moab’s sandstone arches.

Learn about Moab’s Local Culture

Stop by the Moab Information Center to explore the interpretive displays and grab your souvenirs in the gift shop. Watch “Welcome to Moab” and make your amateur archaeologist’s dreams come true as you discover dinosaurs that used to roam this desertland. Fossils forever rest in the rocks from millions of years ago. 

There are amazing activities for everyone in Moab. For all of you history lovers, petroglyphs and pictographs of Native American ancestors attract many visitors and are quite an incredible sight to see in person. What are you waiting for? Go RVing.

Ready to book your desert adventure? Check out RV rentals near Moab, Utah.

RV Trader Rentals’ Travel Tips: 

  • Be as prepared as possible. Desert weather can be unpredictable.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. The desert is full of wild animals day and night.
  • Always abide by the outdoor etiquette established by  Leave No Trace.

(Protect and preserve nature-Leave it as you found it...or better) 

  • Stay on the trails for safety purposes.
  • Pack extra water...It's hot and dry in the desert.
  • Dispose of human and pet waste properly.
  • Please leave historic sites and rock art untouched. No souvenirs.
  • Respect all of the wildlife. (Even the bugs)
  • Be considerate of your fellow explorers and neighbors.
  • Don't speed...No need to rush in the desert. 
  • Reserve your RV Campground early. Spaces are limited and book well in advance.

Discover Wildlife in Moab 

As dusk settles in, the diurnal animals turn in for the night as the crepuscular creatures begin to stir from their daytime numbers. The nocturnal creatures rise with the stars and take over the desert for the night. 

  • Diurnal Desert Animals (daytime animals) include rock squirrels, antelope, chipmunks, snakes, lizards, hawks and eagles, but the majority of desert critters come out at night. 
  • The nocturnal desert animals (nighttime creatures) are the rodents, owls, bobcats, mountain lions, foxes and bats.
  • Crepuscular creatures (dusk and dawn critters) are the bats, coyotes, mule deer, porcupines, desert cottontails, jackrabbits and songbirds. 

RV Trader Rentals Stellar Stargazing Suggestions: 

  • Know your Moon Phase because a bright full moon can affect the visibility of the stars. 
  • Give your eyes time to adjust to the darkness. It can take up to 30 minutes for your eyes to fully adjust from light to dark. 
  • Use Red Lights. They are less invasive for night vision purposes. 
  • Familiarize yourself with a star chart. 
  • Do NOT illuminate the ROCKS. It is against park rules to do so. The artificial lights have negative impacts on the desert terrain.

FUN FACT: This is why pirates wore eye patches...Sure! Sometimes it was because they had lost their eyeballs. It was more common that eye patches were used for when they went from the sunny top deck to the darkness below deck. They could just switch the eye patch to the other eye and one eye was already adjusted to the darkness. 

Learn more about the stars in Moab

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