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Epic ideas to celebrate Memorial weekend

5 reasons to plan for an off‑roading adventure for Memorial weekend

A time when celebrations, parades, flying flags, and concerts roar through the streets. A time for reflection, appreciation, and thankfulness. A time when Americans and visitors alike pause to remember the heroes who fought for their freedom. Where else to best appreciate freedom than soaking in views of mountain ranges, with the freedom of acres upon acres in front of you? Join Uncharted Society in exploring five reasons why you - alone or with friends and family in tow - should plan for an off-roading adventure this Memorial day long weekend.


1. Kick off the beginning of summer

The weekend dates may change yearly, but the season that the last Monday in May opens is uniform. For many, it marks the time to defrost, trading in pants for shorts and winter sports for summer. Join in on the excitement of kicking off this off-roading season, starting your summer adventures (and Instagram feeds) off in style. Check out one of our Can-Am Off-Road adventures with outfitter East Zion Adventures, where you're encouraged to bring your phone to capture all the terrain.

2. Indulge in the food & culture

Besides summer and off-roading, the weekend additionally kicks off another chapter; the 2022 hot dog season. According to the National Hot and Sausage Council, Americans will consume a whopping 818 hot dogs per second starting Memorial Day. Join the outdoor bbq culture by participating in a four-day ATV / SxS adventure in the Grand Canyon with Wilderness Collective, professional chef included.

3. Embrace the off-road community

The large number of people travelling and on the trails during the long weekend fosters a sense of community and comradeship. Seize the opportunity to expand your horizons (figuratively and literally) by meeting fellow adventure seekers and embracing the vibrant and tight-knit off-road community, learning and growing from those around you. Try out one of our guided adventures for the opportunity to learn and grow from experienced and passionate enthusiasts.

4. Spend time with people you love

The beauty of off-roading is that it provides riders with an unforgettable experience, one that family and friends can all share. Take the work-free day to call up and invite new and old friends, and in light of the day, take a minute to reflect and feel thankful for their companionship and company. If the guided adventures mentioned above are not your style, try a self‑guided style for a more intimate ride.

5. Bring on the kids!

A memorable off-roading experience provides kids with the perfect start to summer after a long school year and several other new learning opportunities. Allow them to improve their confidence, provide them with opportunities to explore, and give them the gift of fun family bonding. Check out one of our family-friendly, super fun beginner adventures by Jackson Hole Adventures in Alpine, Wyoming.



Memorial Day weekend provides an excellent opportunity for travel - not just abroad, but back in time for reflection and thankfulness. Planning an off‑roading adventure allows you to kick off the beginning of summer, indulge in the food and culture, and embrace the vibrant off-road community while spending time with and appreciating the people you love, children included. We hope to see you on the trails, joining us to reflect on this important day while riding safely and riding smart. #adventureunlocked


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