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Choosing your difficulty level

How to choose the difficulty level for your next adventure?

Uncharted Society outfitter adventures open up opportunities to escape, explore, enjoy and discover new places on land, at sea, on snow or on the open road. Just how far and how hard you push them is up to you. Even if you’re just along for the ride, that’s great! Remarkable experiences are available for any ability level; sometimes, that’s even better. This guide will help you determine just how intense or relaxed you want your next adventure to be.
Let’s take a look at the three levels of Uncharted Society experiences.

Novice to Intermediate Adventures

Anyone who grabbed a handlebar or pressed that accelerator was a first-timer at some point. But the first ride – and you only get one – often leads to a new passion that lasts a lifetime. At Uncharted Society, we not only get it; we love it! Our novice experiences and early intermediate adventures are designed to maximize your enjoyment of this new experience you’re trying out. You’ll learn the ins and outs of your chosen vehicle and enjoy the fantastic views and freedom of smooth trails and terrain.

Uncharted Society Intermediate Adventures

You wouldn’t call yourself an expert, but this isn’t your first time taking the horsepower by the reins. With growing confidence comes a desire to challenge yourself with every ride; a few bumps in the trail, a little tighter in the turns, maybe even a tiny log hop or creek crossing. Something beyond the straight and narrow could be fun – even if it comes with an occasional sliver of humble pie.

Advanced Adventures for Experienced Riders

You may not be one with the machine yet, but you’re getting close! You’ve reached a confidence level with your adventure vehicle of choice, where you’re willing to take on a few more challenges. At this adventure level, the bumps get more prominent, there are more than a couple of obstacles to overcome, and your adrenaline pumps freely. But you know conquering steep ascents, deeper snow and more demanding terrain lead to the most awe-inspiring rewards.

No matter which level of adventure you're comfortable with, discuss your expectations with your Uncharted Society outfitter beforehand to get the best experience possible. Only you know your comfort zone and how hard you want to push. Breaking out of your shell, exploring new places and learning new skills is what Uncharted Society adventures are all about. It's not about top speed, what you look like on Instagram or who you passed on the trail. You've mastered the art of adventure as long as you ride intelligently and safely and maximize the fun.

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