About Uncharted Society

Uncharted Society's purpose is to forge the path to explore unknown areas of the world and yourself.

Our adventure outfitters allow you to experience the unexperienced and to push beyond your comfort zone during motorsport adventures.

Whether you are a beginner or an avid rider or prefer guided tours or rental adventures, you only need the mindset for adventure.

Who we are

We are a marketplace that connects a global network of BRP-certified adventure outfitters with adventure seekers looking for transformative powersport experiences: ATV / SxS, Snowmobile, Personal Watercraft or 3-Wheel Motorcycle.

What we do

From a multi-day adventure to a multi-hour rental, our outfitters offer experiences for all skills and ability levels on state-of-the-art Can-Am Off-Road, Can-Am On-Road, Ski-Doo, and Sea-Doo vehicles.

A BRP initiative

Selected and certified by BRP, our outfitters are expert tour operators who offer memorable riding and the customer experience in a worry-free and safe environment.

BRP proudly supports Uncharted Society by allocating less than two-year-old power sports vehicles to the outfitters.

Unlock your next adventure with Uncharted Society.