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Live “Life Elevated”

Top 3 Adventures to do in Utah

Featured prominently on the Utah license plate is the phrase “Life Elevated.” Whether it is a reference to the jaw-dropping landscapes, unique geological features, or the fact it is the 3rd highest state above sea level in the US wildlife, Utah has enough activities to keep your spirits elevated. Lucky for you, that’s the name of the game here at Uncharted Society. We have covered you with a list of three of our favorite adventures in the Beehive state.

Powder Country

Are you planning a powder country getaway? Northern Utah is home to some of the best trails, hills, and mountains in the world; now, just some snow, and you have the perfect Ski-Doo holiday for you and yours! Just a short drive up from Salt Lake City is Eden, Utah, home to one of the most exhilarating full‑day Ski‑Doo trips offered at Uncharted Society. Our friends at Monument will take you and your group through fresh powder, surrounded by stunning mountains, inspiring views and some wildlife, too. Their expert guides will cater the full-day adventure to your preferences and experience levels.

Roads Less Traveled

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by….” The feeling of losing yourself in the serenity of nature calls out to thousands of adventurers worldwide. If that is you, you should check out this Trax adventure. On this half-day adventure, you will lose yourself in the Northern landscapes of Utah. Visit two pristine lakes (one which isn’t on a map) and scale a mountain to look over the whole valley. If you want to get off the grid for an afternoon, this adventure is what you need.

Double the Adventure

Maybe the saying is wrong, and you can’t have too much of a good thing. We think East Zion Adventures subscribes to this as well because they offer one of the most action-packed guided adventures in all of Utah. Located in the world-renowned Zion National Park, this multi-hour adventure not only lets you hop behind the wheel of a brand new Can-Am vehicle but includes a guided hike through one of the world’s most beautiful parks. This adventure is catered to all skill levels and is the perfect afternoon for your friends and family.

We all want to live a little more elevated, just as the Utah plate says. But sometimes, it’s a little difficult to break the routine. This is all to say that if you have the chance to get down to the South Western United States, try out one of the adventures above. And even if Utah is a bit too far, Uncharted Society has a website full of ‘life elevating’ adventures, and new ones are constantly added.

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