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All of our partners are key members of our society and help us bring thrilling experiences to a larger audience. We connect, learn and grow together for the good of our society.

Tourism, Hotels & Resorts

Gravity Haus

Gravity Haus provides a sustainable experience for their adventure-loving community, specializing in uniquely designed guest rooms, functional co-working spaces, world-class guided experiences, and holistic training and recovery.

Sign up for a 6 or 12 month membership and receive 2 free nights. Use the code TWONIGHTSBRP when registering.

Travel & Experience

Get My Boat

GetMyBoat is the world's largest boat rental and water experience marketplace. They bring millions of customers to boat owners and facilitate the booking.

Media Production

Wilderness Collective

Wilderness Collective is one of Uncharted Society’s outfitters and leading content producer. They help us market incredible experiences to share the moments our adventures can provide.

Stellar Adventure Media

In addition to being a flagship tour operator, Stellar Adventure Media is also a high-quality video and media production company, offering creative services, branded content and outdoor adventure cinematography.

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Grow your offering and your community today by partnering up with Uncharted Society. Offering curated experiences from coast to coast, Uncharted Society has a wide range of curated outdoor experiences that is continuously growing and attracting adventure seekers from all around. We are always looking for partners with like minded communities to join our society.