À propos de cette aventure

Iconic, memorable, exciting are just three of the ways to describe this self-guided, 6-day trip through the most stunning areas of Quebec, Canada on the magnificent, head-turning, Spyder motorcycle. With all lodging and meals included, you will ride your powerful three-wheeled Spyder across the province, through the Lanaudière region, on the magnificent road to La Tuque towards Lac St-Jean, and then off to discover the Saguenay fjord and Tadoussac, famous for whale-watching of course, all ending in the Charlevoix region and majestic Quebec City. You will be given an itinerary and a roadmap to the best places but you are free to choose the routes and the sights that excite you most along the way. This unique trip is for everyone who has dreamt of riding the open road. This is your chance to get out there! Note that to drive a Spyder, a motorcycle license or a car license is required, plus 7 hours of practical training.