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Imagine riding a powerful Lynx snowmobile on the top of the world, where day is night, where people reside, all surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery you will ever come across! This unique all-day expertly guided Lynx snowmobile tour is in Arctic wilderness of Svalbard, Norway. Your destination is Tempelfjord and to get there, you’ll glide over the frozen river delta, through Advent Valley, and the valleys of Eskerdalen and Sassendalen. You will visit a famous trapper cabin. You will have lunch in the peace of the wilderness, in a majestic setting beside a glacier. In this vast terrain, you will be able to put every inch of your Lynx machine into action. Oh, and with the North Pole not too far away, you know your chances of seeing the exquisite Northern Lights above are pretty good, and if they do happen to dance above you on your tour dates, you will never, ever forget the experience. This unique tour is only available from February 1 to May 14. Join in!