À propos de cette aventure

This is the ultimate fun for all ages as you head into Key West, Florida’s biggest and only State certified ocean waterpark! What does this mean for you? Well, tons of adventures in one awesome expertly guided good time! Talk about perfect for the family! Your guide will lead you over the world-famous, crystal blue waters of the Keys. You will ride the exciting, wave-taming, easy to handle, Sea-Doo. And then you will experience what is quite possibly the most incredible sight you’ve ever seen if you like to laugh a lot: 3,500 square feet of connected inflatable water toys that you can jump on, slide down, and hop off for hours! Plus, while you’re here, why not parasail, get on a banana boat or go for some truly unbelievable snorkeling? Open to all. Memorable for all! It will take a very long time to get the smiles off everyone’s faces after this trip!