About this adventure

This all-day Lynx snowmobile adventure in the silence and beauty of the Arctic wilderness is a once in a lifetime experience at the top of the world. Your guide will take you into the heart of the Finnmark mountain plateau in northern Norway, where there are few people, no lights, no civilization and definitely no stress! You’ll see why the Lynx is the perfect powersport winter machine for enthusiasts as you glide over varied terrain and explore the wide open Arctic tundra. You will have lunch at the Mollisjok Mountain Lodge and learn about the many legends of this region, rich with history. In addition to unimpeded views and the chance to see incredible wildlife, you may also experience the magical, mysterious colours of the Northern Lights, an event that will never leave you. And, depending on when you go, you may also ride under endless daylight – another perk of touring the top of the planet! Bring along a buddy. You will have a lot to discuss at the end of this extreme unique trip!