About this adventure

Seeing the Northern Lights in pristine nature at the top of the world may be one of the most beautiful events you will witness in your lifetime. Here, in the Norwegian winter, day is night, so this guided all-day adventure takes place in the still of darkness, with only the sky and your lights to lead the way. And you experience this magic on a Lynx snow machine, designed to take you anywhere even the remote regions have to offer! And while there is no guarantee the Northern Lights will appear, don’t worry, this Svalbard adventure is memorable on its own. Your guide will take you and your Lynx past rivers, frozen waterfalls, into valleys and onto the vast open spaces of Norway. As one of the least populated places on Earth, with no light pollution to impede your view, the conditions for riding, for seeing the magnificent landscapes, and for viewing the Northern Lights are literally perfect. Included is a hot lunch in a lavvu, a traditional Sami herdsmen’s tent, while your guide shares wonderful stories about Svalbard. This unique tour is only available from December 1 to February 13.