Frequently Asked Questions

You want to learn more about Uncharted Society or you have questions about our experiences? Find all the answers to your questions below.

Uncharted Society is the BRP experience program. It has for mission to offer adventure seekers the opportunity to explore every kind of landscape without having to own their vehicle.

By broadening its offer with experiences, BRP wants to make its products more accessible to all, from beginner to expert riders, and in a worry-free environment.

Every booking calendar and pricing is managed by our outfitters. To get more information on pricing, reservations and the experiences themselves, please consult our outfitters directly.

Our experiences are designed to allow every type of riders from all skill levels on our journeys. Our outfitters work with experienced guides who will lead you through all the necessary security guidelines and training.

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible. Therefore, some of our outfitters allow guests to bring their own machines but you should always contact them first to ensure your adventure is as perfect as it can be.

Every booking & cancellation information is managed by our outfitters. Please reach out to them to manage cancellation matters.

Authorized BRP dealers are the best source for service on BRP products. You can use the online dealer locators for Can-Am On-Road, Can-Am Off-Road, Ski-Doo, Lynx, Sea-Doo, Rotax, Evinrude, Alumacraft and Manitou to find your nearest dealer.

Your authorized BRP dealer will have access to all current promotions and incentives. Alternatively, you can access some of them on the Can-Am On-Road, Can-Am Off-Road, Ski-Doo, Lynx, Sea-Doo, Rotax, Evinrude, Alumacraft or Manitou product line website you're interested in.

Raise the issue with the dealer where you purchased the unit. If you are still having trouble obtaining any promotional discounts or items that you feel should be applicable to your purchase, get in touch with BRP customer service and we'll assist you.

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