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Introducing Uncharted Adventures Uncharted Society

The Blueprint

Are you ready for a deeper look at the world of Uncharted Society? Thanks to you, 2022 was our biggest year yet at Uncharted Society! We followed along as you discovered the hundreds of playgrounds we have all across the world and unlocked your adventures. But, with so many spots around the world, we wanted to give you the chance to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at four amazing Uncharted Society playgrounds, in‑depth and right in the action! Uncharted Adventures is set to be one of the pinnacle events of 2023 for outdoor enthusiasts.

Meet Selema Masekela

Uncharted Society is thrilled to introduce that for Uncharted Adventures, we have the pleasure of having Selema Masekela be the host! With a successful track record in the outdoor and travel adventure communities, Selema has accomplished many incredible feats that have gotten him recognized worldwide. Not only is Selema an advanced surfer and world-renowned broadcast journalist who has covered everything from the X-Games to the Olympics, but he truly embodies the spirit of adventure, something we at Uncharted Society take very seriously. Since entering the world of action sports in the late 90s, Selema has enthralled global audiences with his positive attitude and love for adventure. For this reason, we believed Selema was the perfect fit to be our host for Uncharted Adventures - positioning him to continue inspiring people with his awe-inspiring stories of discovery and exploration while exploring some of North America's most fun outdoor sports playgrounds. With Selema at the helm of this year's edition, an eagerly anticipated Spring awaits us all, so join us in celebrating his accomplishments and continue to adventure onwards!

What’s On Tap

As we said, Uncharted Adventures will take you right into the heart of four awe-inspiring Uncharted Society playgrounds but through the lens of Selema Masekela. Our amazing host will bring you on an adventurous journey across the continent, visiting four distinct outdoor adventure playgrounds, only made possible because of Uncharted Society’s network. At each playground, you will get up‑close and personal with Selema and one of his friends’ who have great experience in the industry to give you a true behind‑the‑scenes look at the wild world of adventure powersports. Over the course of the series, Selema will be cruising the crisp blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean on a Sea‑Doo at Salty's Water Sport in Fort Pierce, Florida. Carving the desert asphalt on a Can‑Am Ryker at Limitless Motoring in Las Vegas, Nevada. Scaling the beautiful red rocks of Utah at ATV & Jeep Tours in Washington, Utah and traversing the seemingly endless snow-capped peaks of British Columbia at CKMP. Uncharted Society will be airing the four special episodes of Uncharted Adventures with the help of Outside Watch. With our partnership with Outside Watch, our Uncharted Adventures will be able to bring you alongside him at every playground! At the same time, Selema (and some very special guests) explore some of the most exciting travel destinations and memorable adventures the world offers. So join the Uncharted Adventures as you prepare for a wild, action-packed journey!

Ready for the adventure?

We're excited to announce that Uncharted Adventures is currently in the works and will be coming soon! In the meantime, please keep a lookout for more announcements about the journey on our social media channels. Follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date on all things Uncharted Society. And if you're not already following Selema Masekela – the Uncharted Adventures for 2023 – and Outside Watch, give them a follow too! We can't wait to share more updates about Uncharted Adventures with Selema Masekela soon. #AdventureUnlocked

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