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Top 4 outdoor adventures to experience the Fall

Well, it's official…Summer is over. While it might be tough to pack away your summer outfits, sunhats and swim trunks, the Fall has plenty to offer! Changing colours, themed coffee beverages, and we can't forget Halloween's thrills and chills. At Uncharted Society, while we love summer fun, we might like sweater weather even more. So it's good that we have a short list of some of our favourite outdoor adventures to go on as the fall foliage is full.

November Rain

"Or I'll just end up walking in the cold November rain" Even though Axel Rose was talking about rain, waterfalls aren't too far from that. So why not consider a rain-inspired outdoor adventure from our friends at Toby Creek Adventures? They can sort you for your November outdoor adventure by combining the thrill of riding your power-sport Can-Am SSV/ATV off-road and exploring waterfalls all around Panorama, British Columbia. This two-hour guided tour will take your breath away with the beautiful Fall foliage on full display.

When Fall Comes to New England

"When Fall comes to New England / The sun slants in so fine" Of all the beautiful locations on this list, it is pretty tough to beat the scenic vistas of New England in the Fall. This ultimate Can-Am adventure in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut should be on every Autumn enthusiast's bucket list, with some of the most vibrant colours of Fall on full display. Located just three hours north of the dense, concrete jungle of New York, NY, this multi-hour guided Can-Am tour is the perfect city escape with hundreds of foliage-filled trails to be ridden.

Autumn Almanac

"When the dawn begins to crack / It's all part of my autumn almanac." If we were creating our autumn almanac, it would probably include this self-guided experience by Royal Blue Adventures in the hills of Eastern Tennessee. With more than 200,000 acres of marked trails, suitable for first-timers to seasoned pros, this Fall haven includes abandoned mines, waterfalls, an elk viewing tower and an eternal flame. We can't think of any better way to spend a beautiful Fall morning than riding around the Tennessee forest onboard a Can-Am SSV/ATV.

Autumn Town Leaves

"Some get lost when they feel the river flowing." Getting lost (metaphorically speaking) is something we all need to do now and again to break the routine and truly live more free and adventurous. Lucky for you, we have exactly the adventure you need to capture the beauty of Fall fully and get lost (again, metaphorically). Up in the Charlevoix region of Quebec are our friends at Nord Expé, who offer the perfect Fall SSV/ATV tour to introduce the sport and for seasoned riders who want a half day of Fall fun.

P.S. Kudos to you if you caught onto the titles/lyrics of each section! They are some of our favourite Fall‑themed songs, and you can listen to them below on our Spotify playlist for on and off the trail. #AdventureUnlocked

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