Make the Most of Family Day 2023 with Uncharted Society

family of ski-doo riders

No Plans on February 20th?

With Family Day quickly approaching, you may be searching for activities to do with your family and loved ones. Well, look no further than Uncharted Society, because with our catalog of adventures around the world - we have no doubt you and your family will have a blast! But in case you need a jumping off point, we have got you covered with a small list of some of our favorite adventures right now.

Family Ski-Doo Fun in British Columbia

Revelstoke is one of the most beautiful places in all of British Columbia, and what better way to explore its stunning mountain scenery than by Ski-Doo ? This adventure gives you the opportunity to ride on trails that have been crafted by experienced guides who know the area better than anyone else. This is a great way to up your skill level and have a blast with your whole family on February 20th.

family on a mountain top


Alabama Getaway

Imagine being able to explore one of America’s best kept secrets on a Sea‑Doo! Eufaula is home to some of the most stunning lakes and rivers in Alabama, and this adventure by Rad Adventures allows you to ride across them while taking in some amazing views. You will also get the chance to ride around the stunning waters of the Yellowhammer State but don’t get too distracted - your eyes should be peeled for wildlife sightings along the way!

three sea-doo riders on a day out in Alabama


Family Day in Finland

Welcome to the northernmost region of Finland and one of the world’s ultimate outdoor experience destinations: Lapland! Known for its winter wonderland atmosphere, why not explore the wonders of this area on a Ski-Doo! This adventure offered by Lapland Safari is an Uncharted Society exclusive that lets you experience it first hand! You will be able to explore miles upon miles of untouched snow as well as witness incredible scenes of nature. On top of that, this tour includes plenty of time for rest stops so that everyone in your family can relax and warm up with hot drinks before continuing on this once-in-a-lifetime half-day experience.

sunny ride in Finland


Sunshine and Sequoias

If offroading is more your families’ speed then this Can-Am Off Road Adventure might be just what you need! This thrilling adventure from our friends at Yosemite Adventure Company takes place at Yosemite National Park where you will get the chance to navigate rugged terrain on powerful 4x4 vehicles from Can-Am. Not only that but there are lots of opportunities throughout the day to stop and admire breathtaking views or take pictures with family and friends!

kid sitting on the wheel of a Can-Am




Ready to go?

If you're looking for something exciting for everyone in your family to enjoy this upcoming Family Day 2023 then look no further than Uncharted Society! With options like Ski-Doo rides through Revelstoke's snow covered mountains or off road trips through Yosemite National Park there's something available for everyone regardless if they are thrill seekers or nature lovers alike! So don't wait any longer - book one (or multiple!) adventures today and make this upcoming Family Day one that won't soon be forgotten!


sunset in Svalbard, Norway

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