About this adventure

Experience the ultimate Grand Adventures Clinic on February 10th at 10AM, led by the skilled snowmobile guide, Lisa Granden. Designed for both intermediate and beginner riders, these clinics offer you the chance to enhance your riding skills, gain confidence in challenging terrain, and make lasting friendships. With a limited group of 5-6 participants, you'll receive personalized instruction from Lisa during 5 action-packed hours, including 30 minutes of on-unit training and 4.5 hours on the mountains. Our program covers a wide range of skills, from sled setup tailored to your needs to mastering throttle control, body positioning, and handling different terrain. By the end of the clinic, you'll be well-prepared for backcountry adventures and ready to tackle the mountains with confidence. Join us and embark on a thrilling journey toward becoming a skilled, fearless snowmobiler.