À propos de cette aventure

There are some adventures that are so extreme and so exciting that they are hard to imagine unless you're there. This is one of those trips! Over six days, you will ride a powerful Lynx on the top of the world, from Norway's most eastern city of Kirkenes to its northernmost village Mehamn via Finland, with an incredible panoramic view over the arctic Barents Sea as you go. You will be in a small group of four to six people, with an expert guide to lead you over terrain so breathtaking, you will not believe your eyes! You'll ride your high powered Lynx surrounded by high mountains and deep sea valleys, crystal clear Arctic water and the jagged edges of Norwegian fjords. You'll sleep in comfortable fishing cottages built on the water. This is a once in a lifetime Lynx trip in as far north as you can go on Earth! Intermediate riders and up are best suited for this experience.