About this adventure

It’s summertime on the top of the world and that means ATV riding like you've never experienced before! This half-day fully guided Can-Am ATV tour takes you to the deep valleys and imposing mountains of Svalbard, Norway, right in the Arctic wilderness – home of reindeer and polar foxes. With vast open spaces just for you, your Can-Am Outlander ATV is powerful, sturdy and ready for whatever terrain you put it on. Along the way, you will learn about the history of this isolated part of Earth, visit coal mines and check out a dog yard where friendly huskies will greet you. First-time and longtime ATV riders are welcome, so this unique, exciting journey into the wild is suitable for everyone. Book early in the season and you’ll ride under the Midnight Sun, with 24 hour sunlight. This adventure is only available from May 16 to October 25 so book now!