À propos de cette aventure

Sign on for a fully customizable Sea-Doo tour of the ocean waters off Vancouver, British Columbia and you’re guaranteed an entirely unique adventure tailor-made to you. Leaving from Granville Island, in the heart of Vancouver, this guided two or three hour private tour is best for a group of experienced riders, whether part of a work team-building exercise or as a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Your expert guide will show you the best of Howe Sound Fjord, Bowen Island and Lighthouse Park, with a visit to a seal colony, too. And, to add some more fun to this already incredible Sea-Doo journey, you can stop at the inlets of Gambier Island for a swim. As the only guests, you can go at whatever pace you like. And if you have your own destinations in mind, ask your guide. This is your time!