About this adventure


It’s hard to imagine a more memorable trip than taking an expertly guided Sea-Doo tour of Spain’s beautiful waters. You will take your powersport machine to some of the area’s most sought-after spots, including your starting point Marina de Denia, heading to the San Antonio cape and Cabo de la Nau, with impressive panoramic views of the Moraira Point and the towering Ifach Rock. And then, beneath Cabo de la Nau, is the incredible Cueva dels Orgens, with some of the clearest water you will ever see! All the while, you will be surrounded by majestic cliffs, black walls, gorgeous coastal scenery and other amazing natural beauty. On the way back, your guide will lead you into the sea where you will put your Sea-Doo skills to the test! Everyone is welcome on this multi-hour tour on Costa Blanca, including beginners.