About this adventure


This tour for experienced Ski-Doo riders is unlike any you’ve seen before. You will spend 6 amazing days exploring 1500 km / 900 miles of the absolutely breathtaking scenery of Eastern Québec. This all-inclusive, expertly guided adventure takes you deep into the Gaspé region, where sport enthusiasts from the world over come to Ski-Doo in the pristine backcountry, on incredible trails, with the stillness of nature and an abundance of wildlife to boot! It’s possible to come across a bear or a moose, among other iconic Canadian animals. But mostly, you will spend your 6 days on the fresh snow, putting you and your Ski-Doo through the best kind of tests, over varied terrain, with a focus on having a blast as you go. Accommodation and meals are provided. All you have to do is sign-up and ride!