About this adventure


Specially designed for advanced Ski-Doo enthusiasts, you will have plenty of time to put your powersport machine through all kinds of ups and downs, twists and turns. This is a 5 day, 5 night expertly guided tour through the mountains of British Columbia, a world-famous winter destination that attracts thrill-seekers from all over. Here you can count yourself among them, as you explore the mountain range between iconic Revelstoke and Sicamous. Fresh snow, a wide variety of terrain, spectacular high alpine scenery and of course, the chance to see some of the locals that make Canada so popular: moose, bears, and coyote, to name a few. Your time in the wilderness will be unforgettable, with each day bringing more fun and new challenges to increase your Ski-Doo skills. Your accommodation is a boutique lodge, complete with hot tub and sauna. You will enjoy dining in the best atmosphere possible - with friends and lots of stories to share.