About this adventure


The Hatfield & McCoy feud lasted almost three decades and the rich history and lore of their shenanigans are the stars of this all-day guided Can‑Am mountain tour from Gilbert, West Virginia into Kentucky. You will want someone with inside knowledge to accompany you on this incredible 4‑wheeled off‑road adventure – and your local guides will not disappoint! Every leader has lived this region to the fullest and now it’s your turn! Hop on a Can‑Am SxS powersport machine and head for the hills – literally. You’ll experience the twists and turns of low lying hollers, scenic mountain peaks and reclaimed surface mining sites as you ride more than 100 miles, with must-see stops at the historic Hatfield Cemetery, the Pawpaw Tree Shooting Site, the McCoy Well Site and one final stop at the Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine Distillery. All levels welcome. Everyone will have a blast!