About this adventure

Up your extreme winter sport skills by riding a powerful Lynx snowmobile in the incredible Arctic wilderness of Norway. This half-day, guided, full-on adventure takes place in the far north – the REALLY far north. You’ll ride on top of the world, where views go on forever, conditions are perfect, people are scarce, and the vast, magnificent landscape is your playground. Your expert guide will take you from Sorrisniva to the Jotka Mountain Lodge on the Finnmark plateau. Over 30 km, you will ride through forests and across frozen inland lakes, and depending on when you go, may experience the magical, exquisite Northern Lights or perhaps even never-ending daylight. You’ll enjoy a traditional Sami meal at the lodge. Your guide will provide you with a thermal suit, boots, gloves and a helmet, as well as safety instructions on riding your Lynx. This top of the planet trip is perfect for all skill-levels so have your friends and family join in, too!